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Article ratings and feedback

Article ratings and feedback enable users to indicate if an article was helpful or not and provide optional comments.

Article ratings, accessed via the Community Scoring Report, provide insight into how helpful your articles are to your users.

  • Positive ratings (smiley faces) boost articles in search results to make them more easily accessible to future users.
  • Negative ratings (sad faces) suggest that articles are ineffective, which allows you to modify or update them to improve usability.

Feedback (optional for logged in users only and sent to site owner email address by default) provides additional comments for how the content was useful or not.

How users can rate content

All users (anonymous or logged in) can rate articles, but only logged in users can leave feedback. Feedback is only enabled for logged in users to prohibit spam bots from submitting feedback.

To rate an article, users click either Yes (smiley face) or No (sad face) to indicate if an article was helpful or not. Logged in users can also select Leave Feedback to include a comment and indicate their preference to be contacted regarding their feedback.

Configure feedback email

By default, feedback is sent to the site owner email address. To change the email destination:

  1. Navigate to Site tools > Control Panel > System Settings > Configuration.
  2. Enter an email in the Email Address for User Feedback field and click Save.

To send feedback to multiple recipients or a queue in another system, use a distribution list or submission email for the desired destination. Administrators can enable or disable ratings for your anonymous users.

Test feedback email

Due to privacy requirements, MindTouch cannot store or recover comments submitted through article feedback. Ensure that the destination email is able to receive email from (whitelist it) and test the feedback mechanism to make sure it is working as expected.



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