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Revert pages with attachments

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

As you start enriching your MindTouch content, you will likely start attaching files such as images and videos to your pages. But what happens if you try to revert to a revision of a page that may or may not have had files attached?  Below you'll find multiple scenarios and how MindTouch handles each of them. 

Revert to a page that originally had a file attached

If you delete or move a file from a page, but you revert to a revision that originally had the file attached, MindTouch will not restore or move the file back to that page, but will note the conflict in the revision history.

Revert to a page that didn't have the current file attached

If the current page has an attached file, but you revert to a revision that originally didn't have the file, MindTouch will not remove the file, but will note the conflict in the revision history.

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