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Import from Word, PDF or Google Docs

The MindTouch editor enables content to be copied from Word, PDF, Google Docs, and other sources.

Import from Word   

Word uses proprietary HTML that does not conform to internet standards, so there are a few things to consider when pasting content from Word into a MindTouch article:

  • MindTouch will not import formatting styles such as color, custom fonts, tables, etc. The formatting will get stripped and will be applied as plain text.
  • MindTouch will retain content that is bold or italicized
  • Due to security reasons, modern browsers to not allow Paste as plain text or Paste from Word. These options will be removed from the MindTouch Editor soon.

Import from PDF

You can add PDFs as file attachments to a page, or copy the content into a MindTouch page for more web-friendly and flexible content. Highlight and copy the PDF content you would like to import and use the MindTouch Editor Menu to paste the content into a MindTouch page.

Import from Google Docs

When copying content from a Google Doc:

  • The colors and fonts will not import over and will have to be applied manually.
  • Any bold text in the Google Doc will not import over
  • Bullet points (if any) will be retained.                       

Import tables

When copying and pasting tables, the table structure (cells, columns) will retain, but formatting styles will get stripped out. To import your table into the default MindTouch format:

  1. Copy the table from Word and paste into a MindTouch page.
  2. Edit table properties to modify the appearance as needed. 

Import images

Copied images from Word do not directly paste over into MindTouch because the image does not yet exist in MindTouch. 

MindTouch needs to have the image uploaded before it can be embedded in the body of the page. You can either save the image on your desktop and use the drag and drop method, or attach it to the page.

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