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Import content from other systems

Existing product content such as user manuals, legacy knowledge bases, and help pages that is a good foundation for a new MindTouch site.

Import methods

There are two main methods to important content, depending on how many pages you will import.

  1. Manual import - recommended for less than 300 pages

    Manual copy and paste is the easiest way import smaller amounts of content. Manual import ensures that your content is current and in alignment with your documentation standards.
  2. Assisted import - recommended for 300 or more pages

    If you have resources available, you can leverage the MindTouch API to import content. Otherwise, all content import engagements require an import analysis prior to quoting. Imports are executed by MindTouch specialists who follow standardized import processes and applications. Please contact our MindTouch Support team to advise on importing content from your legacy systems.

Why import legacy content?

  • Instantly index all content for search
  • Make your knowledge accessible through multiple channels (KaaS)
  • Centralize your knowledge
  • Provide knowledge analysis and feedback
  • Provide support agents access to content

The content import process

At MindTouch, we have extensive experience importing and converting content. Inconsistencies that may be perceived as minor could be compounded across potentially hundreds of thousands of articles. As such, we have developed a process that is focused on aligning expectations and mitigating risk.

Our three-step process provides a detailed analysis and understanding of exactly what will be executed during the import. It provides a common agreement between both parties as to what can and cannot be accomplished. 


How do I get started?

Your MindTouch account manager can help you get your content import started. Simply contact your account manager and be prepared to provide the following materials/information:

  1. A sample (3% or more) of your knowledge in HTML or .CHM format.
  2. The total count of all your HTML files.
  3. The source application that was used to generate your HTML content.

Supported import formats





Madcap Flare
Adobe Framemaker
Adobe RoboHelp
Legacy CMS
Static HTML

Madcap Flare
Adobe Framemaker
Adobe RoboHelp


HTML files require minimum cleanup and can be imported rapidly.  Does not support expand/collapse.

.CHM files require minimum cleanup and can be imported rapidly.  Does not support expand/collapse.

Supported attachment formats

MindTouch provides both content and attachments to facilitate the help experience. The following file formats cannot be converted or imported into MindTouch and have to be attached to an existing article:  

  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Visio

Import expectations

  • Images used on pages are attached to each page they are used on. This may cause the same image to be imported multiple times. 
  • Documents referenced by pages are attached to each page that they are referenced on. This may cause the same document to be imported multiple times.
  • Pages that are included two or more times in the hierarchy are imported as transclusions of the original page instead of copies.

Import limitations

  • Pages that are not listed in the .CHM table of contents but that exist in the .CHM manifest will be imported as top-level pages so that links are not broken.  
  • .CHM glossary is not supported.
  • .CHM previous/next navigation is not supported.
  • .CHM pages contain both chrome and content, making it difficult to separate presentation information from actual content, causing both to be imported and requiring a manual cleanup afterward.
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