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Import content from other systems

Import content from legacy systems or external systems into your MindTouch site.

Why import legacy content?

  • Instantly index all content for search
  • Centralize your knowledge
  • Provide knowledge analysis and feedback
  • Provide support agents access to content

Import methods

  • Manual import
    • Recommended for less than 300 pages
    • Ensures that your content is current and in alignment with your documentation standards
  • Assisted import

Assisted import process

At MindTouch, we have developed a process that aligns expectations and mitigates risk to prevent inconsistencies that could be compounded across hundreds or thousands of pages.


Be prepared to provide the following materials/information:

  1. A sample (3% or more) of your knowledge in HTML or .CHM format.
  2. The total count of all your HTML files.
  3. The source application that was used to generate your HTML content.
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