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Copy pages (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4 and MindTouch TCS

In MindTouch, you can create a copy of a page or section with one-click ease. Here's how.

Copy Page from the "Page Options" Menu

Find the "Page Options" menu (1), click "copy" (2) and then....

Copy Just one Page or Copy All?

MindTouch will ask you if you want to copy just one page or if you want to copy the page and all of its children as well. By default, it will copy just one page. Click "Copy page" to move to the next step.

Find Where You Want the Copied Page or Section to Live


Traverse the site (1) to find the most appropriate place to put this new page or section. When you choose where to copy the page or section, click "Copy Page" (2) and you're done. Wait for MindTouch to refresh at the new location. Notice that the new page or section now has two copies. If you copy to the same parent as the previous version, you will have to change the name of the root node you're trying to copy to avoid conflicts (3).

Note: MindTouch will not allow you to copy the home page. Also note: MindTouch will not allow you to copy the page or section into the same page or section or into a descendant page or section.

500 errors: If you see a 500 error in your copy process, it is most likely because you tried to copy into a location that is forbidden. Choose another location and try again.

Intended Use

MindTouch's copy page functionality is recommended for copying 30 pages or less at time. Copying large sections of content which contain many pages (or selections of pages which contain file attachments cumulatively larger than 20 MB) may result in an incomplete copy, or some relative links to not be updated.

If you have larger copy operations to perform we recommend copying pages in smaller chunks as needed. As a reminder, after a copy operation is completed, links to pages are only updated if those links point to content within the section you copied.

How Links Are Handled

When copying a section of pages, MindTouch will look to see if any of the pages being copied link to other pages in the section. If they do, then during the copy MindTouch will rewrite those links to be relative to the new location.

Let's take the following page paths as an example:

  • /Section1/
  • /Section1/Page1
  • /Section1/Page2

In this example, "Page1" contains the following HTML link:

<a href="/Section1/Page2">Link to Page 2</a>

If a user copies all of "Section1" as "Section2", then "Page1" at the newly copied location will then contain the following updated link:

<a href="/Section2/Page2">Link to Page 2</a>

The following link types are not updated when copying pages, and will need to be manually updated:

  • Guide Links on Category Pages
  • Links to anchors

How Permissions Are Handled

Just like when creating a new page, if you copy a section to a new location the copied content will inherit the permissions of the parent page you're copying to.

For instance, if you have the following structure:

  • /Parent
    • /Parent/Page_1
    • /Parent/Page_2
  • /Parent_2

If you copy "/Parent/Page_1"  under "/Parent_2", the new "/Parent_2/Page_1" page will inherit the existing permissions of "/Parent_2":

  • /Parent
    • /Parent/Page_1
    • /Parent/Page_2
  • /Parent_2
    • /Parent_2/Page_1 (this page will inherit the permissions of "/Parent_2")


Ultimately copy permissions are handled with two rules:

  • READ:  In order to copy any pages a pro member must have the ability to read/view a page.
  • CREATE:  In order to copy any page, you must have permission to create a page at the destination.

What's next?

Next you can learn the details surrounding the ability to copy and overwrite a page.

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