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Resolve link issues with the link manager

Why is link integrity important?

Your MindTouch pages are interconnected in more ways than just your hierarchy. Links play an essential role in tying your content together across your site. These connections, while crucial for navigation, can negatively impact your user experience and, in consequence, search engine ranking if managed incorrectly.  Consider the following:

  • Links to deleted pages.
  • Links to dated content.
  • Links to external, and undesired sources.

The link manager offers visibility to these linking issues and tools to address them on the fly.

Access the link manager

  • Admin permissions.
Find link manager
  1. On the MindTouch toolbar, select Site toolsDashboard

  1. Under Content Management, click Link Manager

Understand your link report

The link manager offers a filterable list of pages, under which the links (or page references) associated with those links are displayed.  See image below for details:

  1. Location: Filter by hierarchy using this browse option to drill down into a specific subsection of your MindTouch site for review.

Once the desired location is selected, you must click the Filter Links button to update the page.

  1. Filter: Filter by link status. Statuses include:
  • All: Includes all link references.
  • OK: Includes all good internal links.
  • Broken: Includes all broken internal links.
  • External: Includes all external links (link status is not tracked for external links).

Once the desired filter is selected, you must click the Filter Links button to update the page.

  1. Page title: References page on which links are located.
  2. Page path: Path associated with the specified reference page.
  3. Reference status: Status of the link analyzed.
  4. Reference location: The link path.
  5. Reference content: Content found inside the link tags. 
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