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Manually redirect a page

A redirect allows visitors to your site to be redirected from a non-existing or no longer valid page to an existing, relevant page. Help improve your overall site health and clean up any broken links or 404s (pages not found) you may have encountered through running your web analytics. Manual redirects are also helpful if you want to guide your customers to a central page for unsupported or deprecated content. 

Why would I want to redirect a page?

Let's say you want users who visit the outdated page "How to build an awesome page" to be redirected to a more current article called "Build pages for SEO" and you don't want to delete the outdated page, to avoid your users being presented with 404 (page not found) messages. 

Add a manual redirect

Edit your outdated page

  1. Navigate to the outdated page.
  2. Open the page in Edit mode. 

You must edit the pages in Live mode. Redirecting is NOT supported in Draft mode.

Add the redirect code

  1. From the editor toolbar, select View > Source.
  2. Copy the following code into the page.
#REDIRECT [[path/to/page]]

Enter the path of the page to redirect to

  1. Replace path/to/page in the above code with the path of the page to redirect to. The path is the part of the URL after your domain (e.g. Videos). Make sure not to remove the double brackets!
  2. If the URL contains encoded characters, the redirect snippet URL specials characters must be changed to decoded format.
  3. Click Save.

Do not change to the WYSIWYG view before saving or the redirect will NOT work.

What if I the outdated page no longer exists?

If you have deleted an outdated page, the page may show up as a 404 (a page not found) in Google. If you are getting substantial traffic to a non-existing page, recreate the page. Simply put the page's old URL in your browser's address bar and MindTouch automatically recreates the page. Give your page a title, and follow steps 4–7 above.


Redirect not working? Check for the following:

  • Does your destination path contain punctuation or special symbols? If so, you can use a URL Decoder tool to resolve any special punctuation in the URL.
  • Did you exit Source view before saving? Repeat the redirect steps and make sure to save before.
  • Is your path surrounded by double brackets? If not, make sure to add them back in.

It is not currently possible to manually redirect a page to a Path.

How do I remove a manual redirect from a page?

When you add a redirect to a page, MindTouch treats the page as deleted. To remove a manual redirect, follow steps to restore the deleted page and then modify as needed.

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