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Link manager FAQs

This article contains a list of questions regarding the Site Analysis link manager report. Please be sure to review how to resolve link issues with the link manager before submitting a request to Support or your Customer Success Manager.

Frequently asked questions

Click the links below to view answers to our most frequently asked questions about the link manager report:

► Why is it important to audit my site links?
  • Ensuring link health in your site prevents broken links from penalizing your search engine rankings.
  • Poor link management can lead to a poor user experience, which will cause your customers to lose faith in your product.
  • Identifying your broken links helps you identify content that could possibly be updated. Updating content triggers a reindex of the page which can lead to better search engine ranking.
  • Broken links can also prevent your customers from self-servicing, which will increase the volume of support tickets and feedback requests.
► Does the link manager handle 301 or 302 redirects?
No. The link manager only handles links that are generated in the content of a page. It does not handle page-level redirects like 301s and 302s.
► Does the link manager track all links on my site?
The link manager will only track links found in the content section of pages. It will not track links on Templates, Special pages, in the user interface, or in custom templates like the header.
► Why is there a red style applied to some of my links?
At the page level, we apply a special style to broken links to make them easier to find. They are only visible to admins and can be easily found by clicking the error warning that appears at the bottom right of your screen.
► Why are none of my external links marked as broken?
We do not validate external links in the link manager. External links must be validated manually.
► What are "other" links?
"Other" links are links that appear in an <a> tag, but are not classified as internal or external. They can include mailto, ftp, and file attachment links, and are not validated by the link manager.
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