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Global find and replace

Globally change text across your site.

We recommend using Global Variables to handle name changes in MindTouch, but in the event these have not been implemented on your MindTouch site, the global find and replace process described in this article can be used.

Prerequisite tools (not provided)

  • An unzip tool.
  • A batch text processing tool that allows both "find and replace" and "find next" functionality.

Do not click Replace all when performing a find and replace. You may inadvertently corrupt files and prevent a successful re-import.

The find and replace process

  1. Request a full site export. Contact our MindTouch Support team to start the process.
  2. Receive your export file (.zip) from MindTouch Support.
  3. Unzip your export file.
  4. Use a text processor to make your changes. Follow the guidelines below for supported versus not supported content changes. 
  5. Zip your modified export. Do not include the top folder when zipping your modified export file or your re-import will fail.
  6. Send your modified export file (.zip) back to MindTouch Support.
  7. Await confirmation from MindTouch Support that your modified export file has been successfully imported.
  8. Verify your changes are reflected in your MindTouch site.

File formats

The export package includes an array of file formats, including .html, .png, .json, .csv, .dat, .css, .xml and other associated files. Do NOT replace text in .dat, .css and .xml files.

Non-replaceable content

MindTouch does NOT support changes made to certain types of content.

  • mt-export-translate="no" attribute
    Do not replace text in page.html that includes the"no". Modification of content associated with this attribute may cause errors upon import.
  • <pre> sections
    MindTouch keeps most custom code (DekiScript, JavaScript, CSS) in <pre> tags. Do not replace text in <pre> tags. Also, do not touch any DekiScript text inside double curly braces {{dekiscript}}
    <pre>These sections are used for MindTouch code and should not be modified or removed</pre>
  • <head> section
    This <head> section is MindTouch meta data. Do not replace text in the <head> section. The <title> in this section has no effect on the name of the page. A page title can only be changed by modifying the <h1> header.
        <meta name="mt-name" value="value"></meta>
        <title>My Page</title></head>
  • Conditional content
    While you can replace the conditional text, do not replace text in the MindTouch proprietary code below.
    <div class="mt-style-conditional style-wrap" if="user.anonymous">
        <p>Conditional content!</p>
    {{ if(user.anonymous) { "Hello Stranger!"; } }}
  • Inline DekiScript
    Do not replace text in proprietary DekiScript code in double curly brackets.
  • Structured tags
    Watch out for tags containing a colon (:). These structured tags are predefined in the system. MindTouch does not understand modified structured tags. In the example below, the text article:stage should never be changed.
    <p class="template:tag-insert">    
        <strong>Page tags:  </strong>
  • URLs
    The MindTouch export format includes a URL and title for each page. Whether the path and page title are identical or not, do not modify URLs. Maintaining the URL structure is crucial for auto-relating multilingual content during future information architecture developments. The example below shows how a URL and title should look before and after an update.
  Before modification After modification
URL <companydomain>/security/product_guide/get_started <companydomain>/security/product_guide/get_started
Title Get started Introduction

Replaceable content

You can safely modify the following whitelisted MindTouch elements.

  • Body content
    Body content inside <p> tags is modifiable.
    <p>This is body content.</p>
  • Page titles
    Modify page titles (the display name of the page) by updating the <h1> text.
    <h1 class="mt-export-title">My Page</h1>

    Do not modify the "mt-export-title" class. 

  • Conditional content
    Conditional content inside<p> tags is modifiable.
    <div class="mt-style-conditional style-wrap" if="user.anonymous">
        <p>Conditional content!</p></div>

    Do not modify any div attributes such as if="user.anonymous"

  • Tags
    Tags are displayed at the bottom of a page. Verify whether tags are to be modified. Since tags are often used to categorize and organize pages, it may not be desirable to modify all tags.

Keep in mind that mass tag changes can also be performed using the Page Classification Manager.​​​​

<p class="template:tag-insert">
    <strong>Page tags:  </strong>

Do not modify the class name template:tag-insert as it is an important MindTouch element. Only modify text inside<a> tags.

  • Guide tabs
    Guide tabs are found in the guidetabs.json file. Only modifytemplateTitle content. (In the example below, only the text "Article directory" and "Tag directory" should be modified.)
        "guid": "1ee90735-0631-d747-178f-402f3b263cb7",
        "templatePath": "MindTouch/IDF3/Views/Article_directory",
        "templateTitle": "Article directory"
        "guid": "6232706f-1cf3-cc22-fd6e-195e013abab5",
        "templatePath": "MindTouch/IDF3/Views/Tag_directory",
        "templateTitle": "Tag directory"
  • Context IDs
    Context IDs are stored in the contextswithmaps.csv file. Only modifiedDescription content. (In the example below, only the text "Add file attachments" should be modified.)
    addfiles,Add file attachments to a page.,en-us,MindTouch_Guide/Manage_content.
  • Query recommendations
    Query recommendations (or search recommendations) are stored in the file queryrecommendations.csv. Only modify Terms and Title content. (In the example below, only the text "editor how to use", "using the editor", "a add user", "add users" and "articles" should be modified.)
    editor how to use,using the editor,Quick_Start_Guide/The_MindTouch_editor
    a add user,,MindTouch_Guide/Manage_users_&_groups/Add_users
    add users,,MindTouch_Guide/Manage_users_&_groups/Add_users
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