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Editor Comments

Use Editor Comments for peer review or input during your content workflow. Editor comments are only visible in Edit Mode and are not indexed by the search engines.

Insert Editor Comment

  1. Open a page in Edit mode.
  2. From the Editor toolbar, select Style > Comment.
    MindTouch Editor Comment
  3. Save the page.

View the page in Edit Mode to see Editor Comments.

Workflow example with Editor Comments

Leverage editorial comments, in combination with page subscriptions, for a review workflow. 

  1. Subscribe to a page and ensure all workflow reviewers also subscribe to the page.
  2. Send the page link to each reviewer, who can leave Editor Comment during their review.
  3. When a page is saved with a new comment, all page subscribers will receive an email notification of the comment.
  4. To indicate the comment is resolved, Click the X in the top right corner to delete it, add to the comment, or insert another comment.
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