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Edit table properties

Table Properties include header rows or header columns, cell width,  border size, CSS and more.

Access table properties

  1. Right-click the section of the table you want to edit to open the context menu.

Select Table properties.

Change the appearance of your table

Edit Table Properties as necessary:

  • Headings:  Add bolded styling to your text in the first row and/or first column of your table.

You must assign a heading, or the table will not transform to a responsive layout on smaller screens.

  • StyleSheet Classes:  Apply custom CSS to change your table appearance.
  • Caption:  Enter a caption for the table. Captions provide accessibility to users with disabilities.
  • Summary: Enter a summary of the table. Summaries provide pertinent information to users with disabilities who cannot easily consume the information in a table.
  • Make table responsive: Checked by default, this option allows tables to display reader-friendly at smaller screen sizes.


MindTouch automatically creates responsive tables. If the responsive option is unchecked in the Table properties dialog, changing the width of a cell voids the responsiveness of your table!

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