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Supported File Types and Attachments

File size and indexing

You can attach a maximum of 1,000 files to a single page with a maximum file size of 268 MB for each attached file.

For files larger than 5 MB, only the file names and descriptions are indexed and not the content of the file. For files 5 MB or smaller, MindTouch indexes the name, description, and content of all supported file types.

Supported file types

  • .pdf – Adobe PDFs
  • .doc – older MS Word docs
  • .docx – newer MS Word docs
  • .pptx – newer MS PowerPoint presentations
  • .xls – older MS Excel spreadsheets
  • .xlsx – newer MS Excel spreadsheets
  • .odt – OpenDocument Text
  • .odp – OpenDocument Presentation
  • .txt – plain text
  • .rtf – rich text format files

Supported image extensions

  • .png
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .gif
  • .svg

Favicons must be formatted as a .ico file type.

If you experience issues uploading a file type not listed, save and upload the file as a one of the listed supported extensions. Alternatively, compress the affected attachment as a .zip file and try to upload.

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