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Draft alternatives

Consider alternatives to Drafts for sections of your MindTouch site where Capture Manager is not enabled.

This solution is custom-configured for each client by MindTouch Professional Services. Elements and labels may differ from what is documented.

To enable Capture Manager anywhere on a MindTouch site, Draft authoring must be disabled for the entire site. The Work In Progress option within the Confidence Capture Manager Classification limits permissions similar to Draft functionality. There are several methods to draft content in sections without Capture Manager enabled.

Draft methods for new pages

Create a Private section for Draft content
  • Create a dedicated section on your MindTouch site to author draft content and use Page Privacy to set it to Private
  • Use Page Permissions to give access to site users who should author content in the Private draft area
  • Move pages to a Public section when they are ready to be published
Use Custom Classifications

Draft options for page edits

  • Use Conditional Content within a Public page to display draft changes only to Pro Members or target Groups.
  • Use Editor Comments to add draft changes that are only visible in Edit Mode.
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