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Common Metric Terms and Definitions

Definitions for common metrics found in MindTouch Analytic reports.
Scroll on Page

Scroll on Page is the maximum distance down the page a user has viewed. 

Time on Page

Time on Page is the total seconds a user viewed a page. 

Click-Through Rate

The Click-through rate is the percentage of searches that led to at least one clicked result. A Search Query is successful if a user clicks on at least one Search Result.

Page Views

A Page View is counted when a user views a MindTouch page. If a page is reloaded or the user navigates back to the same page during a Session, it counts as an additional Page View.

Percent Self-Service

The Percent Self-Service metric is the percent of Sessions that did not result in a Ticket Submitted event.

Search Click

A search click event happens when a user clicks on a Search Result. An individual Search Query can lead to more than one Search Click.

Search Position

A Search Position is what spot a Search Result appears in the search result listings.

Search Query

A Search Query is a word or phrase submitted to the MindTouch internal search engine. A Search Query may or may not display results after it has been processed. 

Search Result

A Search Result is a page listed after a Search Query has been submitted. One or more Search Results may appear on the search results page.


A Session is a period of time where a user interacts (e.g. Page Views, events, searches) with a MindTouch site.  A Session will end when a user closes out the browser or there has been more than 30 minutes of user inactivity. 

Tickets Initiated

A Ticket Initiated event happens when a user generates a Page View on a Support ticketing form integrated with MindTouch analytic tracking code.

Tickets Submitted

A Ticket Submitted event occurs when a form is submitted on a Support ticketing form integrated with MindTouch analytic tracking code.

Unique Page Views

A Unique Page View is counted when there is at least one Page View in a Session but will only be counted once in that Session

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