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Community Scoring Report

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
The Community Scoring Reports lists how users rate content in your MindTouch site.

Results can be narrowed based on search queries or extended by using advanced search operators. This report can also be downloaded as a .csv for offline analysis.

Access the report

From the MindTouch toolbar, navigate to Site tools Dashboard > Site Reports > Community Scoring.

Use the report

Report on search query: Filter for a specific search query to see how users rate content regarding a specific product or feature. Enter a term to only display results for articles that contain that keyword.

community scoring search query.png

High level details: Includes number of Pages with ratings, Average quality score represented as a percentage, and percentage of Unrated pages among your content.

Page count graph: Graphical display of the number of pages rated for a specific score range.

Report table: Displays page rating details

  • Page: Page title (hyperlinked to the actual page), parent page, and page tags.
  • Rating: Overall rating for the article.
  • Votes: Number of people who have rated the article. 
  • Last edited: Date the article was last edited. 
  • Views (binocular icon): How often the article was viewed, including Pro, Community, and Anonymous users.
  • Edits (pencil icon): How often the article was edited. 


Tips to use the report

  • Look for trends. Determine whether your most popular content may be related to having been recently updated or to trending topics based on newly released features.  
  • Prioritize content efforts. Based on of page views and scoring, concentrate your efforts on articles that should be doing well.
  • Sort articles alphabetically by clicking the up and down arrows in the table header. 
  • Sort by highest rated pages: The highest rated pages within your site should be featured within your marketing channels and regularly promoted by your support agents
  • Sort by lowest rated pages: The lowest rated pages should be targeted in your documentation lifecycles to be updated. Be sure to cross-reference customer feedback on these pages by managing feedback in a knowledge queue.

Download the Community Scoring Report

If you do not see an option to download the report, contact the MindTouch Support Team.

  1. Find the message above the graph In the Community Scoring Report that includes "You can also export the table from this report as a CSV file."
  2. Click the words CSV file to download the report.

Report details

Field Type Description
Title string Title of page.
Path string Location of page, in the format xxx/xxx/xxx/...
Page ID number Unique page identifier.
URI string Page address, in the format
Rating Count number Total number of ratings for a given page.
Rating Score number Average rating for a given page.
Last Editor string Email address of the most recent editor.
Language string Language code (eg. en-US, fr-FR).
Timestamp time stamp

Date of last edit, in the format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
Clock: 24 hrs
Time Zone: UTC

Age (days) number Total days since page was last edited.
Comments number Total comments posted for the given page.
Files number Total files (including images) attached to the given page.
Views number Total page views.
Revisions number Total revisions to the given page.
Tags string List of all tags and classifications on a given page.
Rating Seated Count number Number of pro member ratings for the given page.
Rating Seated Score number Average pro member rating for the given page.
Rating Unseated Count number Number of community member ratings for the given page.
Rating Unseated Score number Average community member rating for the given page.
Rating Anonymous Count number Number of anonymous member ratings for the given page.
Rating Anonymous Score number Average anonymous member rating for the given page.
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