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Discover trends from Search Insights report

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MindTouch (current)
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The Search Insights report includes data visualization to help you discover trends and provide a high-level overview of the search performance of your site.

  • Total searches - The amount of searches in the selected timeframe.
  • Total clicks - The total number of search results clicked within the selected timeframe. An individual search can lead to multiple result clicks from the same search, so Total Clicks can be higher that than Total searches even if Click-through rate is lower.
  • Click-through rate - The percentage of searches that led to at least one clicked result. To calculate the number of total searches that resulted in at least one search result click, multiply Total searches x Click-through rate.


Apply filters to adjust the data visualization to specific sources, user types, timeframes, and keywords.

Why would a single search have multiple result clicks?

This can depend on users intentions. Some queries are research-based, in which users intend to read multiple documents to better understand multiple aspects of a particular subject. Although these types of queries can have multiple clicks, it does not necessarily reflect poor search result relevancy.

Optimize your queries

Now that you know about the high-level view of your search, learn how to analyze searches further to better understand your users and optimize search performance.

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