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Search Insights Report

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
The Search Insights report provides data for how users search within your MindTouch site and through your MindTouch Touchpoints.

To access the Search Insights report: go to Dashboard > Customer Experience Reports > Search insights.

Data availability

  • Data for this report has been collected since August 7, 2017 and automatically records real-time search behavior
  • The legacy search report, Search term and queries, is still available
  • Both search reports are only available to Admin users
  • The data from Search Insights is not available for export or download

Report capabilities

  • Discover content gaps in the user search experience to improve or create new documentation. 
  • Analyze trends for different user types to enhance your user experience.
  • Understand user behavior to add context to improve user adoption.
  • Identify keywords to target and organize documentation into topic clusters.
  • Leverage insights to inform and enable other departments such as Success, Support, and Product.
  • Filter for User Sentiment - Negative Experience


  1. Filter - Adjust the data by specific sources, user types, timeframes, and keywords.
  2. Discover trends - Data visualization provide a high-level overview of the search performance of your site.
  3. Analyze queries -  View high-level metrics for queries or click a query for more details for that particular search.