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Path Completion Report

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
The Path Completion Report helps you understand how your readers are engaging with your Paths so that you can increase customer success in your knowledge base through data-driven content improvements.

Access Path Completion report

Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Customer Experience Reports > Path Completion.

Report components

The Path Completion report includes two main Dashboard views:

  1. Path Completion Overview
  2. Path Completion Details

Export options (gear icon)

  • Download as PDF
  • Download as CSVs
  • Send (email reports immediately)
  • Schedule (email reports on a schedule)

Path Completion Overview

The Path Completion report loads with a Total Sessions overview that shows:

  • Bar chart for all Paths that were clicked within the specified time period (past 30 days by default)
  • Full Path name and timestamp for version of the Path
  • Filter options for Date and User Type

From the Total Sessions bar chart:

  • Hover over a Path bar to see the full Path title and version timestamp and Total Sessions count
  • Click a Path bar and select Show All [count] to see a data table of the Path clicks for that Path
  • Click a Path name and select Dashboards > Path Completion for [Path Title (version timestamp)] to see Path Completion Details for that Path

Path Completion Details

Filters and Run

  • Date
  • Path Name
  • User Type
  • Run button

Path Title

Format: Title and last revision timestamp

Path Events Summary

Format: Tiles of Total Page Views, Total Sessions, Pages in Path, Linear Path Completions, Any Order Path Completions, Any Order Completion Rate

Interaction options:

  • Click any of the tile numbers to see a data table of events by date
  • Hover over a tile to show and click 3 dots menu for Download Data options

Page Interaction

Format: Area chart of Sessions and Page Views for each page in the Path

Interaction options:

  • Click the Sessions or Page Views labels to toggle them off or on in the chart
  • Hover over any plot point to see Page title and Sessions or Page Views count
  • Click any plot point to see a data table of events by date
  • Hover to show and click 3 dots menu for Download Data options 

View Order

Format: Data table of percentages of users who viewed each page in a Path and what order they viewed them in.

Interaction options:

  • Hover to show and click 3 dots menu for Download Data options 

Filter tips

  • Auto-suggest: For Path Name and User Type filters, click into each filter field with is equal to (default) filter type selected to trigger the auto-suggest options before using other filter types.
  • Filter field entries: Ensure selected filter field entries are accepted with grey background before clicking Run. Filter field entries are case sensitive.

Video:  Path Completion report


  • Depending on query size, data may take up to a minute to load. A spinning wheel indicator will appear until each data component loads and the Stop button will change to Run when all components complete loading.
  • Data settling period: The data for the most recent previous day should be considered incomplete and will likely increase (usually by less than 1%) the following day.
  • The report times out after 1 hour of inactivity - refresh browser to reconnect or see 401 error troubleshooting
  • Report labels are not localized on non-English MindTouch sites
  • The report service, powered by Looker, has weekly maintenance hours when reports may be unavailable
    • Sunday and Wednesday: 4am-6am UTC (9pm-11pm Pacific)

The data for this report has been collected since January 1, 2018 and is current through each previous day due to nightly data processing.

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