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Path Completion Report

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
How users view and complete MindTouch Paths.

The data for this report has been collected since January 1, 2018 and is current through each previous day due to nightly data processing.

Access Path Completion report

Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Customer Experience Reports > Path Completion.

  • The Path Completion report is only accessible by users with Admin role, but the report includes export options to download or email the data.
  • Depending on query size, data may take up to a minute to load. A spinning wheel indicator will appear until each data component loads and the Stop button will change to Run when all components complete loading. 

Report components

The Path Completion report includes two main Dashboard views:

  1. Path Completion Overview
  2. Path Completion Details

Export options (gear icon)

  • Download as PDF
  • Download as CSVs
  • Send (email reports immediately)
  • Schedule (email reports on a schedule)

Path Completion Overview

The Path Completion report loads with a Total Sessions overview that shows:

  • Bar chart for all Paths that were clicked within the specified time period (past 30 days by default)
  • Full Path name and timestamp for version of the Path
  • Filter options for Date and User Type


From the Total Sessions bar chart:

  • Hover over a Path bar to see the full Path title and version timestamp and Total Sessions count
  • Click a Path bar and select Show All [count] to see a data table of the Path clicks for that Path
  • Click a Path name and select Dashboards > Path Completion for [Path Title (version timestamp)] to see Path Completion Details for that Path

Path Completion Details


Filters and Run

  • Date
  • Path Name
  • User Type
  • Run button

Path Title

Format: Title and last revision timestamp

Path Events Summary

Format: Tiles of Total Page Views, Total Sessions, Pages in Path, Linear Path Completions, Any Order Path Completions, Any Order Completion Rate


Interaction options:

  • Click any of the tile numbers to see a data table of events by date
  • Hover over a tile to show and click 3 dots menu for Download Data options

Page Interaction

Format: Area chart of Sessions and Page Views for each page in the Path

Interaction options:

  • Click the Sessions or Page Views labels to toggle them off or on in the chart
  • Hover over any plot point to see Page title and Sessions or Page Views count
  • Click any plot point to see a data table of events by date
  • Hover to show and click 3 dots menu for Download Data options 

View Order

Format: Data table of percentages of users who viewed each page in a Path and what order they viewed them in.
Path completion details table view order

Interaction options:

  • Hover to show and click 3 dots menu for Download Data options 

Filter tips

  • Auto-suggest: For Path Name and User Type filters, click into each filter field with is equal to (default) filter type selected to trigger the auto-suggest options before using other filter types.
  • Filter field entries: Ensure selected filter field entries are accepted with grey background before clicking Run. Filter field entries are case sensitive.



  • Data settling period: The data for the most recent previous day should be considered incomplete and will likely increase (usually by less than 1%) the following day.
  • The report times out after 1 hour of inactivity - refresh browser to reconnect or see 401 error troubleshooting
  • Report labels are not localized on non-English MindTouch sites
  • The report service, powered by Looker, has weekly maintenance hours when reports may be unavailable
    • Sunday and Wednesday: 4am-6am UTC (9pm-11pm Pacific)

Video:  Path Completion report

Animation of the Path Completion report in action


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