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Capture Manager Report

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Track how your users are interacting with Capture Manager.

This solution is custom-configured for each client by MindTouch Professional Services. Elements and labels may differ from what is documented.

Capture Manager is designed to enable knowledge creation across an organization, all while improving operational processes and efficiencies. Using Capture Manager, agents and other internal teams can quickly capture and author useful content through a structured authoring process that follows KCS best practices. 

This report will allow you to monitor high-level Capture Manager usage among agents across your MindTouch site:

  • Pages created
  • Pages updated
  • Confidence changed
  • Visibility changed
  • Flag events

Report components

Download and email reports (gear icon): CSV or PDF download, send immediately or schedule email delivery

Filter options and Run button: Report timeout is 1 hour

Historical line chart: Event counts over time

Pie chart: How each contribution type compares to one another

Raw data-table: Date, Path, Event Type, Username, and Groupname for each individual event

Filter options

  • Date
  • Path
  • User
  • Group
  • Event Type

Access Content Manager Report

Navigate to Site Tools > Dashboard > Contribution Reports > Capture Manager Report


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