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Create summary overviews to improve searchability (TCS)

Written by Ian Tripp
Customer Success Writer at MindTouch


What are overviews important, and how do they help people find what they need on your MindTouch side? An overview is the first header of a documentation article. It is a summary of what the article is about. (To fully understand Article formatting please visit Creating Criteria for High Quality Content.​)

Why use an overview?

The purpose of an overview is to strengthen the search experience and provide article context. The overview that you add to your article is displayed in the search results as shown below.  

Take a look at the red highlighted area. This is how your Overviews will show up in a search. 



Overview display in Guide Pages

Overviews will also show in guide pages. The overview will be displayed under the title of the article. This allows you to be able to scan the page, and pick the article you need quickly and easily. 



How to add Overviews 

  1. Create an article by clicking new page > blank page
  2. Give your page a title.
  3. Once in the page field, create a H1 header. Set the title as "Overview."
  4. Under that Overview header,  write a short description of the article (1-2 sentences) in normal font. Make sure what you write is what you want someone to see when they search for this article. Make sure not to add any DekiScript in your overview.

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