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Search your site (TCS)

This page applies to:MindTouch TCS


Learn how to perform a simple search.


After completing this tutorial you will have knowledge on how to search for your articles on MindTouch.

First Step

Enter your search into the search box


Second Step


1. Sort your search results by

Relevance: Show articles with highest relevance first.

Title: Sort your results alphanumerically.

Modified date: Show the most recently updated pages first.

2. If you did not find what you are looking for you can submit feedback.

3. Perform an advanced search.

4. Subscribe to the RSS feed so you can get updates on new search results.

Summaries in Search Results

MindTouch Topic pages contain an "Overview" section which is intended to provide a quick synopsis on the focus and main objectives of an article. If your page contains an “Overview” section, search result summaries will display the contents of that section:


If your page does not contain an Overview section, the search result summary will be generated by our algorithm which narrows in on the most relevant content within that page.

What's Next

Basic search will return good results in most cases. However, if you have some specific queries in mind, learn how to use advanced searches instead.

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