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Work with templates (TCS)

Your MindTouch world comes with a set of pre existing templates to help guide and organize your documentation, making it flow easier and more uniformly.  While you can build your own templates, or edit the existing template, the follow MindTouch templates should get you on the road to easy guide building.

MindTouch Templates


Wherever you are in MindTouch, when you choose the New Page option you will automatically be presented with the MindTouch library of templates.



Each MindTouch template comes with a brief description of the template use.  To use a template:

1. Click on the template.

2. Click on Create new page

The Template



The MindTouch templates are made up of commonly used sections:

1. Page Title, just highlight it and change it to your new title.

2. Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG) tool bar

3. Definition of what the section is used for.

4. This template contains Dekiscript.  Dekiscript is a scripting language that's used for mashing-up data to create dynamic pages.  [i.e. table of contents]

5. Headers. Each section will automatically have a predefined header inserted at the beginning of that section.

6. A hint as to what your content should be referencing.

What's Next

MindTouch has included an array of predefined templates that can be used as is or you can create your own customized templates.

Supported Template Types

Template Type




Content templates are intended for reusing page formatting through standard editor functions. While it is possible to add DekiScript to content templates, support for DekiScript is available starting at Level 2.
  • New Blank Templates
  • Adding content including text, images, inline comments, and bulleted lists
  • Global Variables
  • No DekiScript or JavaScript

Level 1


Branding templates are used for targeting sections of the skin to apply customizations including styling and custom objects. 
  • Site Header/Footer
  • PDF Header/Footer
  • Login Page
  • F1 Prepend & Append

Level 2

New Page New Page templates are those templates which appear in the New Page gallery when creating pages. While it is possible to edit the template details for custom templates, details for the following New Page templates are overwritten with each weekly MindTouch update.


  • Template:MindTouch/IDF2/Pages/How-To_Page
  • Template:MindTouch/IDF2/Pages/Knowledge_Base_Page
  • Template:MindTouch/IDF2/Pages/Product_Guide/Knowledge_Base
  • Template:MindTouch/IDF2/Pages/Product_Guide/User_Guide
  • Template:MindTouch/IDF2/Pages/Reference_Page
  • Template:MindTouch/IDF2/Pages/Topic_Page
Not Supported


Functional templates are system required templates utilized for IDF, LightSpeed framework, F1, various integrations and the main engine that drives MindTouch TCS and MindTouch 4. Customizations for these templates are not supported, and may be overwritten by regular release updates.
  • Templates Controlled by MindTouch
  • Copied Functional Templates


All functional templates exist under /Template:MindTouch. Customizing or modifying Functional Templates is not supported.  Below is a list of the main sub-sections:

  • Template:MindTouch/Controls/
  • Template:MindTouch/Functions/
  • Template:MindTouch/IDF/
  • Template:MindTouch/IDF2/
  • Template:MindTouch/OOBE/
  • Template:MindTouch/Pages/
  • Template:MindTouch/Reports/
  • Template:MindTouch/SFDC/
  • Template:MindTouch/Views/


Not Supported

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