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Get to know the MindTouch Editor (TCS)

This page applies to:MindTouch TCS


The MindTouch Editor is easy to use and offers many style and formatting options for your content.

Editor Functions

Editor Function Icon Details
Save and Cancel

Save allows you to save the page. 

Cancel will exit out of the editor and abandon any changes that you have made in the editor.


  • Source: This allows you to view and edit the HTML source for the page.
  • Show Blocks: This allows you to see the content blocks within WYSIWYG mode to better identify how content is formatted.

Who is editing?

This allows you to see who else is editing the document you are working on.


This allows you to cut selected content (Flash is required in order for the elements to work for non IE browsers)
This allows you to copy selected content (Flash is required in order for the elements to work for non IE browsers)
Paste This allows you to paste cut/copied content
Paste as Plain Text This allows you to paste formatted text as plain text so that its formatting does not carry over into the MindTouch page
Paste Microsoft Word content

If you are pasting content from Microsoft Word, you can avail of this function to assist the translation of the content from Microsoft Word to HTML. Further review is required however to ensure that the desired effect has been achieved


This will undo your last action

This will redo your last action

This will allow you to find a word or phrase within the page
Find and Replace

This allows you to find and replace text within the current page.  Note that this doesn't support global find and replace, but you can use Global Variables to help alleviate the need for Global find and replace.
Select All

This will select all of the content in the editor
Horizontal Line This allows you to create a horizontal line across your entire MindTouch document.
Special Character This allows you to insert special characters into your documentation.
Page Break Everything written after a page break will automatically be on the next line. 

This allows you to change the font for selected text
Font Size

This allows you to change the font size for selected text
Text Color

This allows you to change the text color for the text that you've selected 
Text Highlighting

This allows you to apply a color background to selected text 
Bold This applies bold styles to selected text

This applies italics styles to selected text

This applies underline style to selected text
Strike Through

This strikes a line through selected text

This sets the text to be a subscript of other text

This sets the text to be a superscript of other text
Code Block

This applies a code block to selected text
Regular Text This will exclude selected text from being parsed by the editor.
Remove Formatting

This will remove all of the formatting from the selected content

Numbered List

This adds or removes a numbered list to your page
Bullet List

This adds or removes a bulleted list to your page

Definition List

This adds a definition list to your page. Hitting enter/return after a definition term will add the styling for the definition description.
Decrease Indent

Decrease the indent of selected content
Increase Indent

Increase the indent of selected text
Left Justified

Left justify selected text
Center Justified

Center justify selected text
Right Justified

Right justify selected text
Block Justified

Block justify selected text

You can select a header level to apply to the text or select Normal to default to the base level.  Each level has its respective formatting which can be controlled at a global level via CSS.


The Formatted drop-down menu provides the following style options to apply:

  • None: This will default to the normal style in the editor
  • <pre>Format: This will add a <pre> block around the content and allow you to apply additional formatting
  • Blockquote: This will apply a block quote around the selected text and apply corresponding formatting
  • Comment: Insert an inline comment that is only visible to the editors and authors of the page and is hidden from the viewers. Use to provide guidelines for the styling and formatting of the content, comments contain meta data for the author and date when the comment was last edited.
  • Conditional Text (Anonymous only): This inserts a block of text that will only be shown to visitors who are not logged into MindTouch if the page is Public
  • Conditional Text (Community-Member only): This inserts a block of text that will only be shown to Community Members
  • Conditional Text (Pro-Member only): This inserts a block of text that will only be shown to Pro Members
  • DekiScript: This will insert a DekiScript block which makes it easier to add and update DekiScript
  • JavaScript (JEM): This will allow you to add JavaScript to a page. The JavaScript can leverage jQuery, which MindTouch ships with, or just be standard JavaScript
  • CSS: This allows you to add a CSS block that will only apply to the page it is embedded on


NOTE: For more advanced users, use the Style drop-down menu to highlight syntax.

Insert Link

This will allow you to insert a link into the page.  For more information about inserting a link, see Inserting a link.

This will unlink a pre-existing link.
Anchor This allows you to set an anchor in your document that will allow you to link to that point from another location in the document. 

You can embed tables by clicking on Table and selecting the number of rows and columns you want.  From there you can select Table Properties and apply additional formatting and structure to your table.  You can also right click on the table and change elements like Cells, Rows, and Columns. 

For more information about inserting a table, see Inserting a table.


You can insert an image within a MindTouch page.  

For more information about inserting an image, see Inserting an image.

Video Embed

You can embed a YouTube video, or other video, through this option. 

For more information on how to embed a video, see Embedding a YouTube video.

Insert Template

If you have templates that are marked as Content templates, then they will be surfaced through this Template dialog.  You can select a Template and have it inserted into the page.  
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