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Create a knowldege base for your site (TCS)


This page applies to:MindTouch TCS


Create a knowledge base page



Paste the following code into any new blank page on your site. Make sure to do this in source view and not WYSIWYG view (if necessary, brush up on editor capabilities here). 

<p class="comment">The text area below has been written to serve the <strong>Pro Members</strong> of your site (authors, editors and admins) or&nbsp;<strong>Community Members</strong> (those who can read pages, comment on them and score them). Feel free to edit the text to your liking or use the text we've already written for you.&nbsp;</p>
            <td function="template('MindTouch/IDF/Views/KB', [ $ ])" id="kb-description">
                <p>Welcome to the knowledge base. Find the most popular, highest rated, and recently updated articles at a glance. Or browse articles by tags or title. If you cannot find the article you are looking for, try the search bar.</p>


Once you've pasted this code into the editor, go to the next step:

Change back to WYSIWYG mode


You should see your editor text formatted as in the picture above. Now save the page. 

Knowledge base default view


With this page saved, you have the beginnings of your knowledge base. Click the New Knowledge Base Article button to begin authoring new articles. If you want to learn more about how to create content for your knowledge base we have a guide for that. 


Alternate Steps

Copy and paste to create more knowledge base guides

If you want to create more pages like this knowledge base guide, you can copy the source again to any location in your site--just make sure that you're posting pages tagged "article:task-troubleshooting" to the pages that live under it.

If you were not able to find the knowledge base template in your templates page. 

1.  Navigate to /Template:MindTouch/IDF/Views and add a new template



2.  Insert the template code into a new knowledge base template:


To learn more about inserting DekiScript into a MindTouch page, read the DekiScript developer guide

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