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TCS to Responsive upgrade (2 step) (TCS)


MindTouch will work with your team to upgrade your MindTouch TCS instance to a MindTouch Responsive deployment.  Through this upgrade, we will provide assistance and training to guarantee a successful launch.


Customer Action


Attend training with MindTouch. This is optional and provided weekly over screenshare. There are 3 sessions and each is 1 hr.  (Beginner, Author, Admin)

Step 1:

Receive a MindTouch Responsive staging instance for branding application

Step 2:

Brand MindTouch Responsive Staging instance

  • Apply Logo

  • Add CSS styles

  • Apply Header/Footer


MindTouch will clone your current production instance onto the Responsive layout.

Step 3:

Short meeting to receive review and walk through Responsive site (cloned instance)

Step 4:


Review Responsive site 10 days

  • Make any structure enhancements on Responsive. Track Changes made will need to be applied again later.  

Step 5:

Confirm Client is ready to move forward with the upgrade


MindTouch will lock down and clone your production site for a second time.  There will be read only access on your TCS site while we finalize the upgrade.

Step 6:

Short meeting to receive review and walk through Responsive site (cloned instance)

Step 7:

Apply the tracked changes you made in (Step 8) to your new Responsive instance.

Step 8:

Copy branding from the Staging instance (Step 2) to the Production instance.

Step 9:

Schedule launch of Responsive

  • Coordinate DNS cutover with MindTouch Support

Step 10:

DNS Update

When ready, MindTouch Customer Success will work with you to coordinate DNS update for full launch.

Step 11:


  • Send communication internally and externally about launch. (Newsletter)


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