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When do MindTouch authentication sessions time out? (TCS)

By default, MindTouch authentication sessions expire 6.5 days after a user has authenticated.  For instance, if a user was to login to MindTouch on Monday morning at 9AM, their session would timeout the following Sunday evening at 9PM.  


How do I modify the session timeout length?

The session timeout for your MindTouch site can be configured to your liking but they must be modified by a MindTouch support agent.  The session timeout will apply to all of your users and cannot be modified for an individual user.

Requirements:  In order to have your authentication session timeout length modified you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Own a MindTouch TCS or MindTouch4 license (not applicable for MindTouch Platform or MindTouch Core)
  2. Own a MindTouch Support Plan
  3. Be a primary contact on your MindTouch Support Plan

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