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What is anonymous page caching? (TCS)

Written by Joel Walker
Product Analyst at MindTouch


Anonymous page caching has been enabled for all MindTouch sites. What is anonymous page caching you ask? I'm glad you asked!

Why use Anonymous Page Caching?

Anonymous page caching will allow faster page loading for anonymous viewers. This happens when you store a page's data in your web browser's cache making high speed retrieval of that data possible. The page's cache will remain in the user's browser cache for 60 minutes. Also, the time it takes for MindTouch to respond to a web browser request, and for the web browser to begin displaying the page, drops to 50ms on average.

Using the no-cache parameter.

You can use the no-cache parameter by entering ?nocache into the URL of the page you would like to be re-cached.  This parameter can only be triggered by users who have EDIT permission on the page.  You would use this is if you want to make sure the next time an anonymous viewer navigates to your page that it re-caches the page and shows the latest content.

How do I know it's working?

To make sure anonymous page caching is working, use your MindTouch Developer Extension while viewing a page.  

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