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Add IP restrictions (TCS)

IP Restrictions limits access to your MindTouch site based upon a pre-determined IP range.


IP Restrictions limits access to your MindTouch site based upon the IP address of the request. If a user is trying to access your MindTouch site from an IP address that hasn't been provided, then the request is rejected and the user receives the experience as if the site doesn't exist. The IP Address range is provided by the customer and MindTouch configures it at the firewall level.

Sites using an IP restriction configuration are incompatible with the Google Analytics integration.

What are the benefits of this feature?

  • Provide VPN like Limited access based upon physical location which enhances the built in authentication and restrictions of MindTouch
  • Ecrypted traffic via Custom SSL configuration for your MindTouch site, this is required for IP Restrictions.  

When to use this feature?

If you require extra security for your site and want to ensure only users in your company or behind your firewall can access the site, then IP restrictions would afford you that necessary level of security.  

How do I get this?

If you'd like more information on IP Restrictions, fill out our contact form  and an account representative will reach out  with additional details.


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