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Configure the UI workflow (TCS)

The GeniusLink workflow configuration UI allows users with the admin role to set up their GeniusLink workflows without having to access and manipulate the advanced configuration. It provides an easy experience to set up the workflows, and also enforces the rules required for the workflows to work.


To access the configuration UI, the user must have the admin role. With the admin role, the user will be able to go into the control panel. To access the Genius Link Configuration UI in the control panel:

  1.  Log in as an admin user
  2. In the upper right, of the pro member bar click on Site Tools.

  1. Then click on Control panel in the drop down menu.​

  1. You will then be redirected to the Control panel Dashboard.
  2. In the Right Menu, under System Settings, Select Integrations.

  1. You will be redirected to the integrations page, where you can see, the GeniusLink Configuration Section.


Select any workflow you want to set up. In this example, we will configure the Submit Issue button workflow. Click on the Title or on the plus sign and it should expand a form of values.

Configure any values you might need. To enable email workflows, check the send email checkbox, and fill up the fields required (email recipients and subject). Once you have all the workflow values configured to your liking, click on save.


Upon Saving, you will get messages that will reflect whether your changes were saved successfully or not. If you have required fields that were left out, it will indicate the workflow and field. The form will not save any data until all values are valid.

Successful Save:

Invalid or missing values when saving:

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