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Use advanced search (TCS)


This page applies to:MindTouch TCS

Advanced Search Features


Global Search Field

This is the Standard Search. If you wish to make use of Advanced Search click on the link to the right of the search button.

Refine your queries

Here you can specify exactly what you wish to search for.

All these words : Enter a comma separated list of words that will be present in your search results. Only if all of these words are present on a page will it show up in the results.

This exact phrase : Enter an exact phrase that you wish to search for in your documents.

Any of these words : Enter a comma separated list of words. If any of these words appear on the page it will show up in the results.

Been tagged with : Enter a comma separated list of tags that you want your results to have.

Remove certain results

You can further filter your results by filling in these fields.

Do not have these words : Enter a comma separated list of words that should not be present in any results.

Authored by : Specify the author of the results.

Are only : Specify the type of results you are looking for. Your options are: Any type, Wiki pages, documents, images and comments.

Click "search" to see results

Click on this button to perform an advanced search once you have filled in the fields above.

Click "Standard Search" to go back to the simple search view

To go back to Standard Search click on this link.

This feature is available on all pages in the site via the global search form at the top right of the page. You can also see it on the search results page for any search results so that you can refine any search after seeing what listings show up for you.

Select the namespace

              Choose which namespace you wish to search. Your options are: All Pages, Main Pages, My User Pages and Templates.

All Pages: All pages that you have permissions to view

Main Pages: All pages that are underneath the homepage of the site

My User Pages: All pages that under /User:{Your User Name}

Templates: All pages that are under /Template:

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