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Collect content and search feedback (TCS)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4 and MindTouch TCS


Many companies want to help users give feedback based on what they find in their online documentation. But what if they don't find what they want? What then? MindTouch has a built-in feedback engine that will allow users to provide feedback to administrators immediately from any page. Here's how to set it up and how users will be able to interact with it.

Enable Users to Sign Up To Your Site


In your control panel, navigate to the System Settings > Configuration page. Select the checkbox for "Allow anyone to create a viewer/commenter account" under Site Options (1). Save changes (2).

Optional Step: Provide An Email Address for User Feedback Notifications


By default, user feedback will be delivered to the site owner's in-box. Otherwise, if you'd like the notification to go to a group in-box or a dedicated team-member, put in that email address here (1). We send all of our feedback to the sales team since they are the ones who represent all of our accounts and are ultimately concerned with customer satisfaction. Save changes (2).

Providing Negative Feedback on a MindTouch Page


Any logged in user can provide negative feedback to the MindTouch site owner. They do this by clicking "thumbs down" icon (1) in the feedback widget. After that, the user will be presented with a modal window that asks for an explanation (2). After submitting an explanation (3), an email is sent to the appropriate contact and the modal window closes having recorded the user's down-vote. Negative feedback is only sent as an email and never saved or displayed to other users.

Negative Feedback - Email Notification


When users don't like a page, they can vote it down. We also ask that they explain why they voted down the page. Whateve the user types in this feedback form will be sent as feedback immediately.

Providing Search Feedback


When users don't find what they expected to find, MindTouch provides them with an easy way to provide insights into what they may be looking for. Here's how. They perform a search (1) as normal. After looking at the results, they click on "Tell us how we can improve our results" link (2). That will show a modal window that allows the user to type a message (3). They click send (4) and the message is sent to the listed MindTouch feedback contact and the modal window closes.

Search Feedback - Email Notification

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