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Move content into a new MindTouch instance (TCS)

This page applies to:MindTouch TCS


Here you'll learn how to export whole sections of content from MindTouch as an MindTouch Archive (.mtarc) file from one instance of MindTouch and import that file back into a new instance of MindTouch. This process is useful when site administrators have one private instance to stage content before moving it to their public instance for public consumption.

Exporting the .mtarc File


As an Author, Editor or Admin, you can access the "Export page" link from the "More" menu. Click on it.


Select the "Export all of the children of this page as well" checkbox to export not just this page, but the entire section beginning at this page. Click the download button to complete the export process.


It might take a few seconds for the transaction to complete. Once it does, the .mtarc file will download from your browser where you can find it (typically on your desktop or in your downloads folder) on your computer.

Follow the next steps to see how to import your content to a new site.

Importing the .mtarc File


As an Author, Editor or Admin, you can access the "Import here" link from the "More" menu. Click on it.


The Archive Import modal dialog appears. Click "Select Archive" to locate the .mtarc file which you would like to import starting at this location.


Locate the .mtarc file you would like to import, select it (1) and click "open" (2).


With the file selected now you can upload the archive. Click "Upload Archive" to begin importing.


When the import is complete, you will see your new content in the left nav where you can navigate to it.

Known Limitations

Exporting and importing more than 50 pages or more than 10Mb of content is currently not possible.

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