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View your recent activity (TCS)

This page applies to:MindTouch TCS


My Page is a central location for all of your activity in your MindTouch world.


Here on My Page you'll find your Activity Dashboard which houses all types of handy information; including all your recent activity within your documents.  Lets take a quick look at everything within your Dashboard.


Access My Page


To access your dashboard, click on My Page on your top menu bar.

Activity Dashboard


You'll then see your Activity Dashboard. The Dashboard contains general information about your activity within your account.
1. Login date and time.
2. Original subscription date.
3. What timezone you have indicated.
4. What groups you are a member of.
5. Any messages sent to or from you.

Recent Activity


The right side panel is a list of all the Recent Activity for the documents you are working on.

1. The name of the documents with easy access via hyperlink.
2. The changes you made to that document.
3. The date the change was made.

What's Next

You now know how to read your Activity Dashboard and check out all of your recent documents ~ a helpful tool to know where you left off!

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