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View user contributions (TCS)

Written by Joel Walker
Product Analyst at MindTouch

As a Content Manager you will be able to review the MindTouch User Contributions feature to view a specific author's page creations and revisions sorted by most recent.  This will consolidate content revised by an author sorted by date.  You can also use this feature to review any changes you've made yourself.

Accessing User Contributions

  • You can view your own personal contributions by clicking on your user name on your pro-member bar then selecting "My Contributions" from the dropdown's list of options.  Doing this will navigate you to User Contributions already displaying your most recent contributions.

  • You can also access User Contributions by clicking on the Site Tools option of your pro member bar and selecting User Contributions from the dropdown's list of options.

User Contributions

The recent contributions displayed will be page revisions, attachment changes (added, updated or removed), tag changes (added and removed), and page reversions.  The following steps detail how to navigate through User Contributions:

Step 1

Enter in a username in the field given and click "View".  You can also use the MindTouch auto complete option that will appear as you type in the user name.  Clicking on the username will trigger the results to show.

Step 2

Once results show up you will see them sorted by date.  Underneath the date you'll see the title of the revised page. The next column contains the time the revision occurred.  The author column will show the display name if the user has one set.  The revision summary column to the far right will detail the most recent revision done to that page in that time frame.

Step 3

If multiple revisions occur to a single page on a single day, the details of that revision will collapse within a single row.  To expand and see all the details of the revision you can click the time stamp.  Once expanded you'll be able to see each revision that has occurred specific to the time that revision occurred.  The earliest starting at the bottom.

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