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View page history (TCS)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4 and MindTouch TCS


This article will review how to manage the revisions of a page including reverting to a previous version or comparing two versions to see the difference.  

Access Page history

There are two ways to access Page History.  The first way is through the Page Options menu at the top of the screen:


The second way to access the page history is to click on the date in the sidebar under Last Modified:


You will see the following page that shows when an edit occurred, who made the edit, and a summary of that edit:

Comparing Versions 

To compare two versions of the page, select the radio buttons next to the versions and then click the Revision comparison button.  You'll see a side by side comparison of the changes with the additions in green and the removed content in red:


If you want to revert to the earlier version among the compared version, click the Revert button at the top of the screen:


After you click the Revert button, it will add another version to the page that noted that the page was reverted thus capturing any change to the page in the history.  

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