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Move a page (TCS)

This page applies to:MindTouch TCS

So you added a page in the wrong section or you just decided it would fit better somewhere else. No problem. You can easily move it in the MindTouch world by choosing Move Page from your More Toolbar. 

  1. Type your new location path into the Page Path text field. 
  2. You may also browse to the section of your documentation you want to move your page to utilizing the browse tools:
    • Go back one level.
    • Go Home to access the top of the hierarchy.
    • Return to your user page.
  3. The page Title appears automatically. If you want to rename your page now's your chance.
  4. Either way, by selecting Move Page your task is complete.

NOTE: If there are subpages, ALL of the pages will be moved together.

Automatic redirect management

MindTouch automatically manages redirects when you rename a page or change an URL. Users who have bookmarked or otherwise saved an old URL are automatically redirected to the new URL.  

Additional notes

When renaming a page that contains more than 10 sub-pages, we strongly recommend allowing the system approximately 5-10 minutes to fully process the rename before modifying the recently renamed page or any of its sub-pages. While the user interface may report that the single page has been fully renamed, please note that the system may still be processing related sub-pages. Allowing the system this additional time will help ensure automatic redirect management is successful while retaining the integrity of your links. In addition, it may take over an hour for the search index to update and reflect the change in path.




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