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Enable social sharing (TCS)

This page applies to:MindTouch TCS


MindTouch has built in social sharing so that you can share articles from a MindTouch site on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Plus profile.  


After completing this tutorial you will be able to share an article on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Plus. 

Configure Social Sharing

Please contact MindTouch Support to request enabling social sharing for your MindTouch site.

Share an article

To share an article with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Plus, go to the article in MindTouch and then go to the top right corner of the article and click on the Share page link:


This will present you with the current number of shares for the page on the different social networks and allows you to share by clicking on any of the buttons:



What's Next

Note that you'll need to be signed into the social network in order to share the aritcle from MindTouch with it.  

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