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Restrict access to a New Page template (TCS)


In MindTouch you have the ability to restrict New Page template access to individual user types or a group of users.  This can be done for the Default or Custom New Page templates.


Provide your content creators with the ability to leverage specific templates.  Administrators can control what template options the content creators have available.  This is accomplished by restricting access to New Page templates.

First Step

Navigate to your template hierarchy and select the New Page template you need to restrict access to:

Second Step

Access the Restrict Access feature on the template page you have selected. Set this templates access to Semi-Private and identity the specific User or Group that needs to retain access to this template.

Users that are identified under the Permission List will have access to this template.  Users who are not on the Permission List will not be able to select this template when creating a new page. 


MindTouch will prescribe which templates can be leveraged by your content creators and you have control over the options available.  

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