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Build a User Guide (TCS)

This page applies to:MindTouch TCS


When you're ready to build a user guide, organization is going to be key.  To begin you will need to set up your Guide template - consider this your book cover and table of contents.


MindTouch utilizes prebuilt Templates to help you build your technical documenation quickly and efficiently.  To begin building a User Guide you first need to build the first page of your guide that will eventually be your table of contents.



From anywhere within MindTouch, select New Page.

User Guide Template


This will bring up a list of templates, select User Guide and click on Create New Page.

Customize your Page


Time to get creative.

1. Choose the title of your new Guide [you'll be able to change this later if needed].

2. Enter a description of the guide.

3. Add your tags.

4. Don't forget to always save your updates.

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