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Add a video using the third-party embed code (TCS)

This page applies to:MindTouch TCS

This article will guide you in successfully embedding videos when using a third-party video provider. By using these third-party embed codes, you will ensure that your videos are rendered using the best player for each member of your audience based on their device and browser.

Embedding third-party video

  1. Obtain your third-party's embed code with all applicable options set. We'll demonstrate by grabbing a video from Vimeo:

  1. After you copy the embed code, add it to your MindTouch page by opening the editor and clicking Elements > Video.
  2. Inside the Insert video dialog, click the embed tab, paste your embed code inside, then click the Insert video button.
  3. Your video is now embedded in your page.

Brightcove troubleshooting

There will be some users who will not be able to see videos hosted by Brightcove. This is because Brightcove's JavaScript embed code does not natively support HTTPS links to their videos. Most modern browsers will not render a video that is linked as HTTP on a site that uses SSL (HTTPS).

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