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Add your company domain to your MindTouch site (TCS)

Customizing your domain is a crucial part of launching your MindTouch site. A custom domain drives adoption, builds trust with your users and increases search engine optimization (SEO). Commonly, customers choose to launch their MindTouch site with a custom domain such as or Configuring your custom domain will take about 24-48 hours from start to finish.


Domain Types

MindTouch requires a sub-domain when configuring a custom domain for your MindTouch site. 

Domain Level Details
.com known as a top-level domain (TLD) fully-qualified domain sub-domain this is a directory within a sub-domain. The root level of a MindTouch site cannot be hosted at a directory level.

MindTouch requires a sub-domain for your site's domain. If you would like to host a fully-qualified domain, we recommend prepending it with 'www' (i.e.,

Hosting Multiple Domains

MindTouch has the ability to connect multiple domains to resolve to your site, though a main "canonical" domain is required. The canonical domain is the main domain which your site will resolve to; any other domains pointed to your site will then redirect to the canonical domain.

Example: I have configured the following two domains for my site:

  • (set as the canonical)

In this example, when users navigate to they will be redirected to

Configuring a Custom Domain

  1. Contact MindTouch Support and let them know the domain that you would you like configured for your MindTouch site.
    • Note: Before your domain will properly resolve, a MindTouch representative will need to configure your site to respond to your custom domain. You will need to own this domain and have access to the DNS settings.  
    • Note: If you are going to use a custom SSL certificate, then reach out to MindTouch Support as it will be different DNS settings than what are listed here.
  2. Update your DNS for the domain and set the CNAME record to
    • Note: This is lb as in LB (i.e. "load balancer.")
    • Note: MindTouch does not support configuring your site with a root-level custom domain (e.g.,

​Depending on your DNS host settings, it can take up to 48 hours for DNS to fully propagate around the world, allowing users to visit your custom domain. Often times you may see your domain start resolving within an hour or two.  

Also, do not use a forwarding option that is offered through domain hosts like GoDaddy. This will just mask the site as if the domain is resolving correctly, and will not allow your MindTouch site to properly resolve.

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