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Training Plan FAQs


Do you have questions about MindTouch Training?  Our FAQ's will give you a good idea of what to expect as you and your team go through MindTouch Training or MindTouch Onboarding

What training seminars does MindTouch offer?

MindTouch offers three (3) separate training seminars that are designed to cover the full range of skills needed to navigate, author and administer your MindTouch site.  Training seminars include:

  • Beginner - Learn how to effectively navigate and use MindTouch from an end-user perspective
  • Author - Learn how to create, organize and maintain knowledge
  • Administrator - Learn how to manage users, restrict access and drive adoption

To learn more, please take a look at our MindTouch Training Plans and MindTouch Best Practices.

Do I have to follow the MindTouch Onboarding program?

The MindTouch Onboarding program purposefully spreads out your training seminars across 3 weeks.  This is done intentionally to ensure regular communication while you're actively setting up and preparing for launch.   Training seminars can be conducted at your desired frequency.  Depending on resource availability, we can schedule your training seminars in as little as one (1) day. 

Can I customize my training seminar?

MindTouch training seminars are limited to a predefined curriculum.  Each training seminar is delivered by a MindTouch Customer Success Agent who has been trained to demonstrate key functional areas of the application and present industry leading best practices.  

Each Customer Success Agent participates in an internal project debrief prior to conducting your training seminars.  Each debrief includes a review of the project challenges and objectives from your MindTouch Business BluePrint. 

How is training different than Onboarding?

MindTouch training is comprised of stand-alone seminars that are conducted by a MindTouch Customer Success Agent.  In some situations, MindTouch may offer you an individual training seminar based on your utilization or feedback.  

The MindTouch Onboarding program is a four (4) week program for new MindTouch customers that is executed by a MindTouch Implementation Specialist.  The Onboarding program is designed to maintain communication while you prepare you site for launch.  

Why do I need to go through training?

At MindTouch, we believe that the best way to make our customers successful is to have customers who are expert users of our software.  In some cases, this may mean that we teach you about a feature or function that you were not aware of.  In other cases we may be teaching you about best practices for creating high quality content.  

We know there are plenty of bells and whistles in our software and we think you should be equipped to use them all.  Our training seminars are designed to make sure you're fully informed and prepared to be a MindTouch expert. 

Can I go through training myself?

Absolutely! Most of the topics that are covered in our instructor led training seminars are also available in video or documentation format.  You can take a look at our Training Plans which highlight videos and documents that are available for each topic.  

What material is covered in the training seminars?

  Beginner Author Administrator
Audience Designed for people who will be using MindTouch to search, discover and learn. Designed for people who will be migrating, creating or maintaining knowledge in MindTouch. Designed for people who will be launching or managing a MindTouch deployment. 

Focuses on effective navigation, structure and SEO.

Focuses on effective content structure, using the editor, using templates and content privacy.  Focuses on using the control panel, privacy, reports, branding and KCS.

How should I train my colleagues to contribute to MindTouch?

It is important to understand that your MindTouch site will deliver exponentially more value if you drive adoption.  This means training your agents to search and share knowledge.  It most certainly means that you should engage, train and empower your colleagues to create rich and meaningful content in MindTouch.  You can train you colleagues by leveraging our Onboarding Checklist combined with our Self-Help Training Videos.   

In addition to training your colleagues, it's also important to effectively communicate the progress of your MindTouch site to your company.  Most MindTouch customers will produce a monthly or weekly newsletter to highlight:

  • New Articles
  • Recently Edited Articles
  • Recent Top Search
  • New Users

Does MindTouch record my training seminars?

Yes, all of your training seminars are recorded and shared with you via DropBox for your convenience and reuse.  Recorded training seminars can be used to:

  1. Share with stakeholders who couldn't attend the live training seminar
  2. Train new stakeholders
  3. Provide a training refresh for stakeholders 3 and 6 months later

Where can I find my recorded training seminars?

Once you have completed a training seminar, your recordings will be shared with you via email.  You can use the hyperlink in the email to download and share the videos as you see fit.  If you cannot locate your training videos, please contact a MindTouch Customer Success Agent to receive a new link to your videos. 

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