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Getting Started with Self-Service Branding

Getting started with MindTouch branding can sometimes be a little complicated. There are numerous custom regions and limitless ways to approach your design. There are also a few skills that you will need to have to customize the look and feel of your MindTouch site. To help ease your branding efforts, we have documented a branding starter kit that includes examples, recommendations, and, most importantly, immediate results.  

What do I need to know to brand my MindTouch site?

Branding in MindTouch is applied through the use of HTML and CSS. We recommend that you have sufficient experience with both to take on the responsibility of branding. If you personally do not have experience branding, it is highly recommended that you try to locate someone in your organization or an outside branding firm to help you accomplish your branding vision.

What are Branding Regions?

Custom Regions_with_highlights.pngBranding Regions are select areas through the MindTouch user interface that are designated for you to customize.  Branding regions are intended to give you the freedom and flexibility to customize the look and feel of your MindTouch site.  Typically MindTouch customers use branding regions to apply their company logo, colors, navigation, and more. Custom Regions include:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • SideTray
  • Login Screen
  • PDF Header
  • PDF Footer

Where do I go to edit Custom Regions?

All custom regions are controlled through MindTouch templates.  You can access your custom region templates by going to Site Tools > Templates.  In the templates directory, you will find your custom region templates under Template:Custom > Views.  For example you should be able to locate your header and footer templates at:

  • Template:Custom > Views > Header
  • Template:Custom > Views > Footer


Note:  To modify the custom regions you must have permission to access each individual template. If you do not see your branding templates, it is possible that they were not installed.  Simply contact a MindTouch Customer Success Agent, and we will set up your branding templates right away. 

Import your Branding Starter Kit

To make things easier, we have packaged up all of our starter kit into one simple import file.  To import our starter kit, please use the following instructions:

  1. Download the MindTouch Self-Service Branding Starter Kit.mtarc file
  2. Login to your MindTouch site as a site administrator
  3. Go to the Homepage of your MindTouch site
  4. Go to Site Tools > Templates
  5. Go to /Template:Custom
  6. Go to Page Options > Import Here
  7. Select the MindTouch Self-Service Branding Starter Kit.mtarc
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