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Configure Google Analytics (MT4)

MindTouch exposes integration with 3rd party applications like Google Analytics through this section. You can see more integrations in our integrations section.

Navigate to the Integrations Page in Your Control Panel

Adding Google Analytics to your site

Find Your Google Analytics ID

You can find it by reading this article:

Save Your Google Analytics ID in the MindTouch Control Panel

  1. Add your Google Analytics ID (e.g., UA-12-3456789).

  2. Add your Google Analytics domain (e.g.,

    • Be sure to not include the http:// prefix; include the domain you're tracking only.

  3. Click Save. 

Note: Do not add the prefix "http://" or "https://" to your Google Analytics Domain during configuration. This will cause the integration to not be recognized by Google. 



In many cases, the code is installed but Google has not been notified that the code is live on your site yet. Give it at least 30 min and check again.  Also please make sure that Google settings have been changed. You can check to see if either Google Analytics ID's are displaying on your MindTouch site by viewing the source of the page and navigating to the end </body> tag where either or both of those tracking codes will be present (if you've saved them in the control panel). If they are displaying, then the problem is most likely upstream from MindTouch. If they are not displaying, then the ID's were likely not saved in the control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to track the searches performed in my MindTouch site in Google Analytics, what information do I need to provide Google (  

Standard MindTouch Search

In Google Analytics, go to Admin > Views > View Settings and add the following string to Query Parameter field:  fpid,fpth,fil, isguide,qid,search,path

MindTouch Search

In Google Analytics, go to Admin > Views > View Settings and add the following string to Query Parameter field: path,q,pages,queryid​

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