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Video (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4

MindTouch includes an option that allows you to quickly embed and display YouTube videos in your site. This option uses YouTube's native embed code which renders an HTML5 video player to provide an experience that is viewable on any modern device while still being browser and plugin independent.

The video embed functionality also allows authors to paste in third-party video provider's native embed codes to provide an easier authoring experience.

Third-party embed codes used in the MindTouch editor can not be resized. They will render based on the settings used when they were created.

Embed a video in a page

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to embed a video on and open the editor.
  2. Once the editor has loaded, click Elements > Video.
  3. Then type in the URL of your hosted video, or search for a YouTube video by entering in search terms.
  4. You will then see a video thumbnail (if available) added to the page that you can resize by clicking on it so the edit controls appear and then dragging the corner to the size that you want the video to be. On save, the video will render and display at the size you set.
  5. Select the video you would like to embed and then click Insert video.

NOTE: Only one video can be inserted at a time. The YouTube video will embed as HD by default if there is one available. If not, then it will fallback to SD.

Supported video sources and types

Supported video types and sources are determined by the third-party hosting provider and can not be controlled inside the MindTouch editor.

SSL considerations

You will need to reference YouTube videos via HTTPS, if your site uses an SSL with a custom domain, to make sure they render successfully for your users.

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