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Use content IDs to call F1 contextual help (MT4)

This article covers how to surface articles referenced by Content IDs through the F1 contextual help dialog. After completing this tutorial you will be able to include Content ID URLs in the F1 dialog invocation.


Step 1: F1 Setup

Before adding Content ID URLs, make sure that you have F1 set up and working by following Add contextual help in two easy steps.

Step 2: Set up your Content IDs

Make sure you have your Content IDs properly configured by following Configure Content ID mapping.

Step 3: Replace hard-coded links with Content ID URLs

Once you have your Content IDs set up and F1 working, then update your F1 links to use the Content ID links you set up.  

Here is a sample link with a Content ID URL in it:

<a class="F1" href="" target="_blank">

What's next

Make sure you have the F1 call working with a hard-coded link first, before adding a Content ID URL, at least for the first link you are implementing.  This will make it easier to troubleshoot dependency issues.

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