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Set up GeniusQueue for Salesforce (MT4)

MindTouch allows you create a GeniusQueue using a simple Case Object. You can also create a queue by adding a checkbox to the case. These will allow you to capture user created negative feedback. This tutorial will show you how to set up a GeniusQueue within Salesforce.

Set up a Knowledge Queue in the Case Object

Follow this path in Customize > Cases > Fields > Case Origins

Under 'Case Origin Picklist Values' click the 'New' button. Type in Knowledge Queue or KQ and click Save. The new picklist value will show up in your list of values.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 6.32.55 PM.png

Configure Email-to-Case

Follow this path in Salesforce: Customize>Cases>Fields>Email-to-Case

Add a routing email address.

Under 'Routing Addreses' click the 'New' button and have Email-to-Case selected.

Select a Routing Name, desigate the Email Address (using the same address you configured in the MindTouch Control Panel), and set the Case Origin to 'Knowledge Queue'.  Salesforce will create a longer Email Services Address.

Make sure to verify your email address.

Copy the Email Services Address and use it to set up a forwarding address in your email client.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 6.40.57 PM.png

Set up a Case View to see all incoming cases to the new Knowledge Queue

Using a Custom Field Checkbox on a Case

Follow this path in Salesforce: Customize>Cases>Fields

Under 'Case Custom Fields and Relationships' click 'New'

Select the Checkbox radio button

Give it a field label

Enable field-level security and add to page layout

When negative feedback is recorded in a case by a customer service rep, all they have to do is check the box while in the case.

You can then create a report that shows cases that need further action

Create a report to see the cases that require further action

Under the Report tab, click 'New Report'

Create a new Cases report

Designate the report time frame

Add the filter for the new check box

Include the Case details in the report columns to display the case notes

What's next

For a full walk through, please watch the following MindTouch tutorial Using a Knowledge Queue

Review the following for additional MindTouch and Salesforce integration:

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