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Publish an article from Salesforce to MindTouch (MT4)

This document describes on how to publish an article from the MindTouch GeniusLink integration in Salesforce. The MindTouch GeniusLink Integration allows users to quickly post case information as a new MindTouch article.


Prerequisites & Important Notes:

  • User needs to have write access to the directory where you are publishing the articles.
  • User needs to be a Pro Member.
  • You have the latest version of the MindTouch GeniusLink for Salesforce installed and configured. 

Publishing an article

Once you have the integration installed and configured, navigate to any case. When a case is being viewed you should be able to see the integration on the right side.  At the bottom of the integration, you will see a Publish link. Click on it, and the Publishing Section will popup.

When creating a new article, the Publishing section will automatically assign the case subject as the article title, and populate the body with case comments and their respective authors.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 5.03.15 PM.png

Once you have edited the content, click on Suggest article to submit this article to your MindTouch site. The article will automatically post as a child page of the configured Directory. (Example: if Drafts/ is our configured directory, the article will be created as Drafts/Power_generation_below_stated_level)

After you click on Suggest article, you'll be presented with a success message that the article was published.The published article will automatically relate to the current case as well. 



Overwriting an article

If the case has already produced an article in MindTouch, and you wish to overwrite it, open the publishing section by clicking on the Publish barThis displays the link to the article, and an option to overwrite. 


Click Overwrite article, and it will show you the basic editor with the case title and case comments pulled in. (Note: No data is retrieved from MindTouch, the case title and case comments are just re-retrieved from salesforce). When you click on Suggest article, you will be prompted to either Overwrite the article or Cancel the publish action, which allows you to edit your title if you wanted.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 5.04.13 PM.png

After clicking Overwrite, it will show you the url of the successfully updated article.






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