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How Success Agents leverage the Salesforce GeniusLink integration (MT4)

The Salesforce GeniusLink integration is a tool that Customer Success Agents use every day. This integration gives the Agent the ability to have easy access to documentation from our Success Center for the purpose of referencing the various topics that the Agent assists their customers with. 

Salesforce GeniusLink - Search

The Search portion of this integration provides the Agent a feed of our Success Center's documentation. This feed provides easy access to all documentation the Agent would need to reference for a customer.


blueCircle.png FACETED SEARCH

greenCircle.png LINK TO CASE



The Agent can search the articles in their MindTouch site as well as use faceting to drill down into the site's categories to make searching documentation easier.

The Agent can click the “Link to case” button that will provide analytics for articles that are being referenced.

The Agent can copy/paste the link to the article they’re referencing from within the Salesforce user interface.

The Agent can suggest articles by clicking the “Publish to MindTouch Customer Success” button and an article creation form will be displayed for that purpose.

Salesforce GeniusLink - Insights

The Insights portion of this integration provides analytics to the Agent about what articles are being used most by the customer they're assisting as well as the how much time has passed since the last article was viewed. This information will allow the Agent to gain intelligence about how their customers are using the Success Center.


blueCircle.png COLOR-CODED KEY



This is a color-coded key that shows how long it’s been since the customer last accessed an article.

The Agent has access to analytics from the User View and Search Activity report on their MindTouch site which lets the Agent know which articles are being used the most by the customer.

The Agent can easily access the User View and Search Activity report on their MindTouch site by clicking “View in MindTouch”.

Customer Success Agent - Case Handling Process

Having an effective system for communicating with our customers is paramount to MindTouch's Customer Success process. The Salesforce GeniusLink integration allows our Agents to have easy access to our Success Center's documentation. Having GeniusLink available within Salesforce speeds up the Agent's workflow and provides an easy way for them to reference key points in their communications with their customers.


Referencing Articles within Emails

When an Agent writes an email to a customer, the Agent should ALWAYS include articles from the Success Center as a reference point for the various topics that they assist their customers with. Providing supporting documentation to the customer allows them to get all the details involved in the topic being discussed and allows them to move forward independently, and confident that everything they need to know about the topic in question can be found in the article that was referenced to them by the Agent.

Search the Article


Copy the Article's Link Address


Reference the Article in the Email using the Link Tool


That's it!

The last step for the Agent is to ensure that the email they're sending covers all points that need to be covered. The Agent will ensure that all answers provided to the customer are well-written and understandable. As well, if there's an opportunity to expand on the topic with documentation, the Agent will do so using this process.


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